About Us

History of Our Company

Our parent company Parasnath Enterprises (PE) was founded in 1983 in Mumbai. Over the years, PE’s work has ranged from large-scale planning projects to small spaces inside homes and corporate buildings. We have been functional across India while mainly concentrating on regions in and around Mumbai. Along with the landscaping business, we have been operating a private wholesale nursery since 1985. With our love for nature, we truly enjoy every opportunity to create a unique design in each individual landscape—indoor or outdoor.

Established in the year 1985, Plantae is a landscape-architecture and urban-consulting studio based . We design landscapes that are inspired by and adhere to the existing patterns of the site to ensure the final product is unique and aesthetically pleasing. Our designers work closely with you to create a design that enhances and adds value to your unique space. We assign a project coordinator who works tirelessly to transform your space on time and on budget.

At Plantae, we strive to give your gardens, backyards, patios, balconies and retaining walls, among other spaces, a makeover with artificial or natural turf and sod, xeriscaping, edging, outdoor kitchens, boulders and natural stones, to name a few areas of our expertise. Let us bring your landscape visions to life from concept to implementation followed by maintenance.


What is garden maintenance? Our standard garden maintenance and landscaping regimes are tailored to achieve our clients’ garden goals while imparting our professional recommendations for seasonal and practical needs. We approach, with our garden maintenance services , each landscape from a proactive stance to anticipate any potential problems and provide customised garden maintenance and landscaping for every individual garden style. Typical maintenance activities include, but are not limited to, the following general garden tasks: Lawn care: Elaborately scheduled mows, fertilization and disease monitoring Plant care: Horticultural assessments of plant choice and timely manicuring and fertilizations Pest/disease evaluations: Regularly scheduled maintenance visits allow us to employ techniques that curb pests/diseases before they occur in the garden We strongly believe that prevention is the first and most effective line of defence. When treatment is necessary, our procedures are strictly guided by the principles of the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) ideology.


Initially, the capacity in which a client enlists our help is that of a professional advisor. Our landscape design consultation services run the gamut from in-depth site analyses to simple advice on correct organic pest control methods. We are experienced in helping shape new ideas or in just providing technical assistance for a project already envisioned. At any level, we are proficient in providing you with any degree of consultation tailored to your specific situation and site. We offer online landscape consultation, answer all your landscape design consultation questions, try to adhere to your landscape designer consultation cost and offer landscape gardens consultation and landscape architect consultation.
Whether your garden goal is to create a tropical paradise, a Mediterranean-style garden or a native plant restoration, the success of the project will depend upon much more than just pretty plant choices. A great design seeks to create an infrastructure that will support future plant growth, has room for potential design additions and has the ability for expansion without reinventing the garden space. Our in-house landscape designers with practical plant knowledge and installation experience will answer all your questions and help bring your dream project to reality.